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The Complete C# and Object-Oriented Programming Course Drive

The Complete C# and Object-Oriented Programming Course Drive The one and only course you need to learn C# and object-oriented programming (C# From A To Z | Downloadable Source Code)

The Complete C# and Object-Oriented Programming Course Drive

The one and only course you need to learn C# and object-oriented programming (C# From A To Z | Downloadable Source Code)

What you’ll learn

The Complete C# and Object-Oriented Programming Course Drive

  • Install and work with Visual Studio 2019 (Windows and Mac)
  • Learn the fundamentals of programming using C# 7.2
  • Understand Iaas, PaaS, SaaS, and Serverless
  • Work with Azure Functions
  • Work with object-oriented programming (OOP) as a professional.
  • Master the classes and understand the different types of classes (static, abstract, partial, sealed and more).
  • Learn the structures and enumerations and how to use them.
  • The differences between classes and structs.
  • Learn to encrypt and decrypt your data using C#.
  • Understand Inheritance, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, and Abstraction.

  • Get familiar with Composition, Aggregation, and Association.
  • Understand the loops (For, Foreach, While and more).
  • Master the powerful lambda expressions.
  • Understand anonymous methods and how to create them.
  • How to manipulate strings (Replace, Remove, Insert, Substring and more).
  • Read and write files easily with C#.
  • Build caesar cipher (encryption and decryption) yourself.
  • Learn how to create different types of methods.
  • The difference between static and non-static methods.
  • How to use recursive methods.
  • How to use the extension methods.
  • Understand the difference between pass by reference and pass by value.
  • How to use optional and named arguments.
  • Work with arrays including multidimensional arrays and jagged arrays.

  • Get familiar with the advanced concepts (Multithreading, Recursing, Generics & many more).
  • Master the non-generics collections (ArrayLists, Hashtables, Stacks, Queues and more).
  • Master the generics collections (List<T>, dictionary<K,V>, SortedList<K,V> and more).
  • How to create generic classes, methods, and arguments.
  • How to debug and find errors easily in your code.
  • Understand how stacks and queues work with real examples.
  • How to handle exceptions (Exception Handling).
  • Learn how to use the params keyword.
  • How to use the Stopwatch class.
  • Understand how older tuples and new enhanced tuples work.
  • Learn how to use NuGet and install packages.
  • How to work with Delegates and Events.
  • Delegates vs direct methods call.
  • Work with Func, Action and Predicate delegates.
  • Learn how to use timers in C#.
  • Make your application speaks using SpeechSynthesizer.
  • Dynamic and Var keywords and differences between them.

  • How to use LINQ (Language-Integrated Query).
  • How to check the C# version and how to change it.
  • Understand what is synchronous programming.
  • Understand what is asynchronous programming.
  • Differences between synchronous and asynchronous programming.
  • Learn the multi-threading theory and create multi-threaded applications.
  • Understand deadlocks and how to solve them.
  • Understand lock keyword, Mutex, Monitor, and Semaphores.
  • How to use tasks, manage them and even cancel them.
  • How to work with async and await keywords.
  • Understand what is Serialization and Deserialization and how to use them.
  • How to use attributes and create custom attributes.
  • Understand the preprocessor directives and how to use them.
  • Understand assemblies and versions.
  • Work efficiently and smoothly with Visual Studio 2017.
  • Work with comparison operators.
  • Learn how to create variables and convert their datatypes in different ways.
  • Understand how compilers work
  • Conditional statements (if and switch statements).
  • How to use DateTime and TimeSpan.
  • Understand the logical operators.
  • How to use arithmetic operators.
  • DLL files (Dynamic Link Libraries), How and why we use them.
  • How to decompile DLL files.
  • How to protect your DLL files.


  • Visual Studio Community (The free edition of Visual Studio)


Hello and welcome to The Complete C# and Object-Oriented Programming Course, The one and only course you will need to learn C# and object-oriented programming. This course is by far the most comprehensive and effective on the market. Here’s why:

  • The course will teach you almost everything you need to know regarding the powerful C# language.
  • This course starts with you from zero experience in programming and starts to level up to the object-oriented programming till you reach the advanced concepts and topics of C# (Asynchronous Programming, LINQ, Generics, Collections, Delegates and more).
  • It will help you learn any programming languages other than C# later because the course discusses almost every programming concept and of course how to implement it in C#.
  • You will experience more than 200 examples30 exercises24 assignments, and over 150 quiz questions.
  • You will learn about the new features in C# (7.1 – 7.2 – 7.3) like Enhanced tuplesout variableslocal functionsexpression-bodied memberspattern matching and other more features.
  • This course will cover different encryption and decryption methods, plus explaining the theory of cryptography.
  • You will be very familiar with Visual Studio and many of its features like snippets and how to use them and even create custom snippets.
  • You will learn about real-world staff like naming conventions, the small little differences between data typesterminologiesprogramming concepts and more.
  • Understand the advanced concepts such as multithreading, synchronous and asynchronous programming.
  • Get familiar with the .Net framework structure and understand is the .Net framework
  • Learn the history of C# language and differences between each version of C#.
  • Learn how to work as professionals.

Who this course is for:

  • Developers switching from other languages.
  • Programmers who are not feeling confident about their programming skills.
  • People who are looking for a career change.
  • Students looking for a course to refresh and incredibly increase their knowledge.
  • If you want to take only one course to learn everything to be a C# developer.
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The Complete C# and Object-Oriented Programming Course Drive

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