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API Testing using POSTMAN – Complete Course

API Testing using POSTMAN - Complete Course

API Testing using POSTMAN – Complete Course

Everything about the API Testing and Using POSTMAN to do functional End to End API Testing

What you’ll learn

API Testing using POSTMAN – Complete Course

  • Advance your software testing abilities by learning API Testing
  • Good understanding of the APIs & API Testing(HTTP Basics)
  • How to test API using the POSTMAN(Chrome extension and monitor them using Jenkins)
  • How software tester in the company test API and validation used by them
  • Web Fundamentals & Understanding Continous Integration Delivery in Big Companies
  • End to End API Testing and Web Fundamentals


  • You should have a basic understanding of the PC, Chrome and have an idea about chrome extensions
  • Need to know how to install and run commands in the terminal(Optional)
  • You should have a basic understanding of the Testing(Optional)


API Testing Basics Covered : –

  • Introduction to API & API Testing.
  • HTTP Methods & Fundamentals.
  • Authentication & Cookie basics.
  • File Upload and misc Web fundamentals.
  • Test Coverage and Code Coverage.
  • The approach of API Testing, Writing Test Plan and Test Cases.
  • Performance Testing Plan and Execution.
  • Best Practices of API Testing.
  • Load Testing of the API using JMeter.

We will explore the features of the POSTMAN:

  • Installation of the Chrome App and Native App.
  • Environments & Variables.
  • Setting up Pre-Script/ Post-Scripts
  • Writing Test Cases in POSTMAN.
  • Exporting POSTMAN Request in Different Programming Languages.
  • Validate JSON Schema.
  • Advance Use of Assert Framework(Chai assert framework) in POSTMAN.
  • Collections.
  • Test  Runner.
  • Import/Export Collection or Test Data or Request.
  • Newman( Monitoring POSTMAN Requests) & Running Test Cases on the Docker Jenkins
  • POSTMAN Interceptor.
  • Proxy Settings.
  • Generating API Documentation.
  • TEAM library.
  • Sharing Collection as V1/V2 format.
  • Debugging Request using Console /Dev Tools.
  • Mock Servers.
  • Notifications.
  • Keyboard shortcuts.
  • How to Be a Part of Community of POSTMAN.

And add our validation framework to it. After finishing our Test Suite, we will run collection command-line and add it as Jenkins Job(monitoring purpose).

Who this course is for:
  • This course is for Software Testers/QA who want to understand how to test WEB API using POSTMAN
  • This course is for Beginners which don’t have any clue API
  • Anyone new to Postman & Newman
  • Software Developers using POSTMAN daily for debugging
  • Software Testers or DevOps
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